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Ready-made company - you can start your business immediately!

Buying a ready-made company is the fastest way to start your business.

The advantages of ready-made companies include, in particular, that it is the existing company which meets all statutory requirements: it is registered in the Commercial Register, therefore it uses a registered name, it has registered office, directors, its identification number and a fully redeemed capital, no economic history, no liabilities, tax registration on corporate income tax, etc. It is a company that was established solely for the purpose of resale.

When buying a ready-made company, you can choose by the legal form of joint-stock companies, limited liability companies or European companies. You can also choose to purchase an older company registered in the Commercial Register earlier, for example, in recent years, of course at a higher price. Earlier ready made companies are suitable for obtaining bank loans, government grants and other loans.

You can have a ready-made company at your disposal from the time of the General Meeting, which will appeal contemporary director and appoint a new one. Registration of changes in the commercial register takes a minimum of 5 working days.

When buying a ready-made company, the most important is guaranteeing that the company is 100% free of any debt and has zero economic and financial history.

Our company possesses a portfolio of ready-made limited liability companies, joint venture companies and European companies available and ready for immediate sale.

Within the transfer of ready made companies, we organize the first annual general meeting for the purpose of a complete change in the company (change of agent, partner, headquarters, line of business, name, etc.), we prepare all necessary documents and arrange their revision by lawyers and registration of all changes in the Commercial Register, we provide abstract of the criminal records and extract from the Trade Register and Land Registry and VAT or other taxes registration.

If you do not want to wait and wish to start your business immediately, ready-made company is the best option for you!