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Transfer of offshore companies

Based on a detailed analysis of your situation, selection of the best destinations and the reconciliation of the concept and structure of your offshore business, we will create an offshore company for you.

Administration of the company will either be left up to you and you will receive a tailor-made company with all the documentation, or you leave the company under our administration and we will be responsible for full management and official acts according to your instructions. Administration of the company in forthcoming years by our firm is in most cases obligatory.

If you leave the company under our administration, we will issue verified company documentation and hand over the general power of attorney for all legal acts in the case of nominee services, so that you can arrange anything for your company yourself at any time or  authorize someone else.

Under this administration we handle submitting reports and tax returns for home offices. Furthermore, we arrange drafting and signing contracts, warranties and agreements, periodic billing and other operations to be carried out to fill the purpose of the offshore determined by the customer. The scope of this administration will, of course, be determined by the individual requirements of the client.

We also offer mediation of complete legal services under the home law of offshore companies and services of an authorized translator and interpreter.

Offshore companies can also be resold or extended by new persons, when you decide, for example, to take in new business partners.