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Using offshore companies

Here are general ways and practical options for using offshore companies based in tax havens.

The specific use of offshore companies is always individual and should be preceded by a professional offshore consultation.

Offshore companies are most often used for two basic purposes:

  • anonymity and protection of ownership
  • corporate prestige

Tax optimization through offshore companies is not appropriate for EU residents and therefore we do not provide services related to the tax optimization.

Ways of using

Anonymity of property

Hiding property can be nowadays useful for many different reasons.
Offshore company provides the perfect means to this end.

Protection of property

Asset protection is a very important aspect that can be solved by offshore companies.

International trade and services

Use of offshore companies in the international trade in goods and services is very relevant and convenient.

Intellectual property

Offshore company as the owner of intangible assets is a very effective model for tax optimization.

Registration of ships and vessels

Ships and vessels flying the flag of an offshore company will allow you to reduce individual payment for their registration and operation.

For whom the offshore company is not suitable

We do not provide services related to the tax optimization.