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Anonymity of property

If it is important for any person as the owner of a business or real estate for whatever reason that the name of the beneficial owner cannot be traced in a publicly available source, the ideal solution is to establish an offshore company in a tax haven.

Information contained in publicly available sources such as Commercial Register or Land Registry has become much easier to reach in the context of the rapid development of the Internet. 

The reasons for secrecy in relation to any movable or immovable property may be varied, for example mere human envy, family circumstances, etc.

To maintain the anonymity of the client - the owner of a company or real estate in the Czech Republic, an offshore company established abroad is well suited. This offshore company may subsequently be the sole owner of its Czech company holding certain assets.

For even greater anonymity of ownership, it is possible to use offshore companies in combination with nominee services.

By appointing the so-called nominated executive directors or directors, the real owner is allowed full control over the property while maintaining absolute anonymity. The appointed executives or shareholders are absolutely trustworthy and discreet specialists registered in company registers as owners or executives of offshore companies. All their actions are performed solely on the basis of the client's instructions. He then manages the company on the basis of a general power of attorney granted directly to him or his attorney.

The use of offshore companies in combination with nominee services is a very frequent model of possession of assets, particularly in Anglo-Saxon law, most in the US and the UK.

Most used tax havens to ensure anonymity property

  • USA
  • Belize
  • Seychelles
  • The British Virgin Islands
  • Saint Vincent