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For whom the offshore company is not suitable

Offshore company is obviously not suitable for every person, whether entrepreneurs or non-entrepreneurs.

For the owner, there are usually two main purposes for the foundation of the offshore company:

  • anonymity of ownership and associated asset protection
  • tax optimization and reduction of the tax burden

For whom is an offshore company unsuitable for the purpose of the anonymity of property

Use of offshore companies because of the anonymity of property is universal and is suitable for almost everyone. Most often, in this case the offshore companies are used as the parent company of domestic companies and so allow covering the final owner of the local companies

In general, an offshore company set up to hide property is not suitable for clients suspected of money laundering because of international cooperation in this area, where most offshore states - tax havens - are involved.

Tax optimization using offshore companies is not suitable for EU residents and therefore we do not provide tax optimization services.