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Our services

The main scope of services provided by the company Ltd. is the creation, sale and management of offshore companies, ie. companies registered in tax havens around the world. In addition to this basic service, we also offer other related services. The most sought after  offshore service is the service to ensure anonymity of ownership of offshore companies, together with nominee services - providing reliable and trusted persons in the statutory bodies of an offshore companies. Another highly desired additional service is ensuring the opening of a bank account in offshore banks.

Tax optimization through offshore companies is not appropriate for EU residents and therefore we do not provide services related to the tax optimization.

In addition to the above main activities, Ltd. can also provide services in the Czech Republic. We offer the service of establishing and selling ready-made limited liability companies, joint stock companies and European companies and, of course, also providing  virtual offices for companies.

Setting up of company

Founding of the tailor-made company (the Company from the beginning set up on behalf of your person and your capital)

Ready made company

Ready made companies (transfer has a shelf company which has been registered in the commercial register has its own ID and fully paid share capital)

Virtual office

Registered company address is obligatory, but are not obliged to have it at the address where your facility is located. We will provide you a location for business on prestigious addresses in Prague, Prague West, Kladno, in Ostrava or Brno. The price includes the provision of basic office services to guarantee the correspondence availability of client, for additional fee we also provide various complementary services, also known as virtual office services. Quality registered address of company headquarters increases the prestige of every entrepreneur.

Offshore companies

Establishing an offshore company in a tax haven with Valian is simple, discreet and professional. We offer starting a business in a number of destinations, each of them has different strengths and is therefore suitable for different kind of offshore services. Before starting the founding of the company, we provide to all our clients professional advice including detailed analysis of the business case and the client's specific requirements. Only after this step the customer orders his service to meet best his business needs.

Nominee services     Bank accounts


Our company within other services offers to our clients accounting, bookkeeping and tax services. We provide accounting services for companies and individuals based in Prague or anywhere across the Czech Republic. These services are provided in cooperation with the renowned accountancy firm. We also offer the possibility of using online accounting. We offer bookkeeping (double entry) for natural and legal persons, tax records (single entry), tax advice and tax optimization and other services.

Permanent address

It is the duty of every Czech citizen to have a permanent address. We offer the possibility of providing a virtual address of permanent residence in Prague, Liberec, České Budějovice and Ostrava. The price of providing the address of permanent residence includes basic services guaranteeing the client's correspondence reachability, obtaining the consent to the location of the permanent residence and information about the delivered mail by e-mail.

Changes in an existing company

During the existence of almost every company, there will be a need to make a change in it, which must be entered in the Commercial Register. Professionals from our company are ready to provide their clients with the service of making all required changes professionally, quickly and under affordable conditions. 

Sale and purchase of existing companies

As part of its business services, our consulting company also provides the service of selling and buying existing companies. We offer for sale established companies that have been operating on the market for a long time, and we also buy the companies from their owners who have decided not to operate them further.


Liquidation and dissolution of the company

The liquidation of the company comes into play especially if the entrepreneur intends to terminate the business under the name of the company, does no longer need the company for doing business and it is therefore necessary to have this company removed from the Commercial Register. 

Non-profit organizations

Experts from our consulting company will professionally establish for you the non-profit organizations listed below and will also make the necessary changes to their bodies or entries in the public register.