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Within our scope of offered services, we also provide for our clients accounting - bookkeeping and tax services. These services are provided in cooperation with a renowned accountancy firm benefiting from its highly knowledgeable specialists with long experience in using modern accounting and communication technologies (the possibility of using online accounting).

To all our customers who use any of our services - e.g. establishment of an offshore company, purchasing a ready made Czech company, or the service of founding a Czech tailor-made company, we offer a discount of 10% for bookkeeping and tax accounting for the whole period of use of our financial services.

Outsourcing of bookkeeping allows you to squeeze out a part of the activities that is not a part of your core business. You can more efficiently concentrate on important projects if you get a high quality accounting firm to do the job for you. Outsourcing payroll and bookkeeping is provided by an external bookkeeper who keeps accounting for more clients, he is professionally trained, and has all the necessary knowledge and experience. If you want bookkeeping without mistakes, feel free to contact Ltd.

Our partnership with a reputable accountancy firm enables us to provide accounting services for companies and individuals, whether they have headquarters in Prague or anywhere across the Czech Republic.

In particular, we offer the following accounting and tax services:

  • bookkeeping (double entry) for natural and legal persons (limited liability companies, v. o. s., SE, OA - owners associations, cooperatives, etc.)
  • tax records (single entry)
  • services of an independent tax advisor and the external auditor
  • wages, benefits, payroll and personnel administration, the remuneration of statutory bodies, business travel and employee benefits
  • warehousing
  • tax advice and tax optimization
  • representation towards the authorities of financial management, social security or health insurance, including negotiation and preparation of checks
  • drafting of tax returns for income tax, VAT, road tax, withholding tax, etc.
  • accounting with an international element - currency conversion, keeping VAT, VIES

Tax advice

Our tax consultants are experts in providing tax advice. Our accountants and tax advisors are experienced in accounting and taxes. If you need tax returns or tax records, do not hesitate to contact us. You can ask for a tax audit, accounting and tax advice for entrepreneurs. We will help in keeping the VAT and tax accounting VAT, accounting and tax advice of Ltd.

Tax advice also for sole trader (self-employed person)

We also offer bookkeeping to natural persons – entrepreneurs - self-employed persons. If you are a sole trader and need to process a tax return, we offer you tax advice for the self-employed. Bookkeeping traders and tax accounting is not at all difficult for sole traders when they turn to a professional - Ltd.

Wages and stock accounts

We provide payroll and payroll accounting. Our payroll clerk will provide you with payroll, billing, payroll and payroll management. If you need advice or the assistance of someone to help take care of the payroll and human resources, contact Ltd.

If you need storage management accounting for your company, we will provide you with  convenient storage accounting for your inventory management.

Non-binding consultation for free

If you are interested to learn more regarding the use of the above-mentioned accounting services, do not hesitate to contact us anytime, we will be glad to answer all of your questions, or to arrange with you a non-binding professional consultation for free!

We look forward to working with you!

Prices of accounting, double-entry accounting and tax records can be found in our price list of bookkeeping. Watch special offers of bookkeeping and possible discounts.

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