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Amendment of the Articles of Association

One of the often required services is a change in the partnership agreement. The Articles of Association represent a founding document of a company founded by at least two partners. (A company founded by a sole shareholder is established by a deed of incorporation).

The Articles of Association contain a number of details that may change during the company's existence.

We regularly arrange the following changes in the partnership agreement for you

  • Change of registered office - this change must be made in the form of a notarial deed for those companies that change their registered office from city to city or for those that change their registered office within the city but have a detailed, exact address in the Commercial Register, including street and number.
  • Change of name (business company) - this is a change which is made by notarial deed or decision per rollam, ie a decision outside the general meeting, unless the articles of association exclude this.
  • Change of the scope of business - during the operation of the trade, the scope of business may be expanded. Especially changes of craft or licensed trades must be included in the notarial deed. The Trades Licensing Office may then issue an extract from the company's trade register and the Commercial Register or a notary may enter a specific trade or subject in the Commercial Register. In order to avoid administrative steps and financial and time costs when expanding the subject of business, we recommend to our clients to include in the foundation document and therefor also in the Commercial Register every possible scope of business or activity for which future activation at the trade license office and registration is probable.
  • Change of the managing director vs. change in the number of executives - when changing the executive as persons, the form of a notarial deed is not required, if there is only an exchange of a person for another person. However, the change in the number of executives requires a change in foundation documents and such an act must take the form of a notarial deed. With the change in the number of executives, it is also possible to change the manner in which executives act on behalf of the company.
  • Increase and decrease of the share capital - this change in the company requires the form of a public deed, ie a notarial deed. The lowest possible registered capital is CZK 1. However, this amount is practically not used, clients choose and we also recommend a higher share capital due to the credibility or image of the company.
  • Changes in partners or partners, the amount of business shares - this change in the company must be resolved by an agreement on the transfer of business share between the buyer and seller. A notarial deed is required if the existing business share is to be distributed at the same time as the transfer.

Prices of changes in the company's articles of association

  • Change without the need for a notarial deed - from CZK 3,900 without VAT, - CZK depending on the complexity of the change
  • Change with the need for notarial registration - from CZK 9,900 without VAT, - CZK according to the complexity of the change

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