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Change of business name

The owner of a company may change the business name of his company if he deems it appropriate or necessary. A change in the name of the company requires a change in the company's Articles of Association, which can only be decided by the General Meeting of the company or its partners.

A notarial deed is always required to change the business name. A valid decision of the General Meeting of the company on the amendment of the Articles of Association or the statutes is the basis for the submission of a proposal to register the change in the Commercial Register to the relevant register court. On the day of registration in the Commercial Register, the company can then start acting under a new name.

Changing the business name of a company requires the following steps

  • Detailed search of already existing business companies in the Commercial Register in order to avoid duplication or the possibility of confusing the name
  • Amendment of the company's Articles of Association
  • Decision of the General Meeting on the amendment of the Articles of Association
  • Submission of a proposal for registration of a change of business name in the Commercial Register
  • Notification of a change of business name to the relevant trade licensing office and the tax office
  • Notification of the change to the relevant social security administration and health insurance providers
  • Notification to the relevant cadastral office and the Industrial Property Office
  • Labeling the company premises by a new business name
  • Making changes to all business documents
  • Notification of the change to banks, service providers, business partners and, at their discretion, also to other competent authorities (eg the Office for Personal Data Protection, etc.).

Our clients can entrust all administrative requirements associated with changing the name of their company to experienced experts from our company They will perform them quickly, professionally and at a favourable price.

Prices of changes in the company

  1. Change without the need for a notarial deed - from CZK 3,900 without VAT, - CZK depending on the complexity of the change
  2. Change with the need for notarial registration - from CZK 9,900 without VAT, - CZK according to the complexity of the change

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