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Organization of the General Meeting

General Meeting of a company as a legal obligation has its essential requirement and it is necessary to organize it precisely and avoid the future risk that it could be declared invalid. Detailed knowledge of the relevant legal regulations and judicial interpretation is necessary for its proper organization.

Our company offers its clients the service of holding General Meetings in their company so that their General Meeting takes place as quickly, efficiently and with an emphasis on specific needs. Our clients are then exempt from studying the relevant legal regulations and can devote themselves fully to their proper scope of business and their business activities.

In case of a single shareholder, the General Meeting is replaced by a decision of the sole shareholder.

Mandatory General Meetings

Each company has a legal obligation to hold a General Meeting once a year to approve its financial statements, documents must be included in the collection of documents and failure to comply with this obligation is subject to private and criminal sanctions. Mandatory General Meetings do not have the necessary form of notarial deed by law.

Voluntary General Meetings

Voluntary General Meetings are convened primarily in connection with changes in the company. Some significant changes requiring a change in the founding document, such as the change of name, change of registered office or change in the number of bodies, a decision on merger or liquidation of the company, require a General Meeting to be held in the form of a notarial deed.

Decision of the sole shareholder / shareholder

In case that the company has a single owner (partner / shareholder), this sole owner performs the function of the General Meeting. The record on the decisions of the sole shareholder,  in cases given by law or the company's founding documents, must take the form of a notarial deed.

The administration associated with the General Meeting includes:

  • Preparation of an invitation to the General Meeting
  • Organization of an ordinary General Meeting
  • Preparation of the minutes of the ordinary General Meeting of the company
  • Preparation of documents for the financial statements and distribution of profit or compensation of loss of the company
  • Registering the above mentioned documents in the collection of documents and revising the collection of documents
  • Preparation of the full text of the amended founding documents of the company


Prices of changes in the company

  1. GM without the need for a notarial deed - from CZK 3,900 without VAT, - CZK depending on the complexity of the change
  2. GM with the need for notarial registration - from CZK 9,900 without VAT, - CZK according to the complexity of the change

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