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Legal services

Valian Company offers services in the field of law. In cooperation with an independent lawyer, we provide the following services to our clients at favourable prices. The spectrum of our legal services includes:

Contract law

We offer the preparation, negotiation and commenting on various contracts and agreements:

  • purchase contract
  • service contracts
  • donation agreement
  • loan agreement

We prepare proposals and submission of applications. We represent clients in courts in lawsuits arising from these contracts.

Property law

We provide preparation of

  • contracts for the transfer of real estate properties and commercial premises
  • proposals for registration and the entry in the Land Register

Furthermore, we represent our clients in the administrative proceedings or arrange for the division of co-ownership of property, modification of marital property (SJM), we also can represent a client in court in lawsuit concerning property.

Corporate law and Commercial Register

We provide comprehensive advice on acquisitions and transfers of commercial companies, legal audit of companies - Due Diligence, we will prepare a merger, change of legal form, division and transfer of assets of the company to the shareholder. We can provide a registered office for companies at a prestigious address. We prepare documents for the changes in the company and their registration in the Commercial Register. We represent clients in courts in lawsuit relating to commercial companies and representation in registration proceedings.

Family law and heirship

We provide expert advice on matters of:

  • divorce
  • alimony
  • paternity
  • premarital agreements
  • agreements on restriction or extension of marital property
  • property settlement after a divorce with the greatest emphasis on the protection of client
  • wills
  • instruments of disinheritance
  • succession

We represent our clients in court in contentious and non-contentious legal matters concerning family and inheritance relationships.

Labor law

We offer professional solutions in the following situations:

  • negotiating employment
  • termination of employment
  • preparation and negotiation of contracts, labor law
  • preparation and negotiation of agreements outside employment
  • job orders and other internal regulations of the employer

In case of any lawsuit arising from labor relations, we represent our clients in court.

Intellectual property and IT law

We prepare licensing agreements, service contracts, copyright agreements, contracts for artists , etc. We provide legal advice on patent rights, trade marks, industrial designs and appellations of origin.

We represent clients before the Industrial Property Office.

Tax and financial law

In the field of taxation and finance, we offer specialist advice and tax optimization opportunities. We represent clients in tax proceedings in tax authorities and litigation with tax and customs authorities.

We prepare draft of international - offshore - structures with regard to optimal taxation. We provide professional guidance in the application of international treaties on avoidance of double taxation in specific legal cases of our clients.

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