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EZHS - European Economic Interest Groupings

The European Economic Interest Grouping (hereinafter "EEIG") aims to promote economic cooperation between European enterprises, in particular small and medium - sized enterprises, which are interested in participating in projects with a European dimension.

The aim of such a grouping is to create a legal framework for effective cross-border cooperation between businesses from the Member States of the European Union, which should facilitate the development of the functioning of the internal market. The activity of an EEIG must be linked to, but does not replace, the economic activity of its members.

An EEIG may be a legal or natural person established in the territory of the European Union and must have at least 2 members from different Member States. Members continue to maintain their economic and legal independence, but can more easily link some of their economic activities to those of other members.

Establishment of the EEIG

An EEIG is set up by a contract for the formation of a grouping and is entered in a public register in the Member State in which it has its registered office.

EEIG authorities

The basic body of the grouping are the members of the grouping, who act together, and the executive (executives). The contract may also stipulate other bodies of the grouping. The decision-making powers of the members of the grouping are in principle unlimited. Each member has one vote in the decision. The contract may grant a larger number of votes to some members of the grouping, but never a majority of all votes.

Winding up of the EEIG

If the members of the grouping decide so unanimously, the EEIG ceases to exist. In some cases, consent to the winding up of the EEIG is obligatory, eg if the grouping has fulfilled the purpose for which it was established, if it does not fulfil this purpose or the period for which it was established has expired. The following is a statement of the dissolution of the grouping by the court.

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