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Offshore companies

An offshore company is typically a company based in a tax haven - a state (country), which provides a high level of protection of personal data of persons involved in the management or administration of an offshore companies or persons that own this type of company.

The specific countries in which we provide the service of establishing an offshore compnay is available on the page tax havens.

Offshore companies are generally used for these two basic purposes:

  • anonymity and protection of ownership
  • greater prestige of business

Tax optimization through offshore companies is not appropriate for EU residents and therefore we do not provide services related to the tax optimization.

Offshore company establishment

Establishing an offshore company with us is very simple, discreet and professional. Before starting the process of foundation, it is necessary to have a consultation with one of our professionals, with whom you will discuss your requirements, and who will provide you with a detailed analysis of your business case and specific requirements, and give you the most suitable solutions. 

Only on the basis of a close consultation and specific analysis of your documents, our company will propose the appropriate tax haven for offshore foundation of your new company. Starting out varies depending on the choice of country of residence from 2 to 4 weeks.

When setting up an offshore companies in the selected country of residence, we use reputable companies, specialized law firms and other experienced professionals to provide you - our customers - with high-quality and timely service in the establishment of your new offshore company.

A foreign offshore company as the sole shareholder of a Czech company is the most popular structure but also other structures are possible, depending on the needs of the individual.

The following services are provided relating to the establishment of offshore companies:

  • preparing and processing of all necessary documents required for incorporation in the chosen country
  • legalization and verification of all signatures and documents of the founder
  • providing nominee statutory representatives / shareholders in the country
  • providing company headquarters and business address in the country, including postal services
  • opening a bank account with a suitable banking institution
  • translation and interpretation services provided by authorized translators and interpreters

The list of necessary documents is available the following page What we will need from you to establish an offshore company

Before the process of establishing an offshore company, an offshore consultation is recommended for the purpose of proper analysis and recommendation of the appropriate state for establishing the offshore company. This offshore consultation is free!

You can also have an offshore company without a free initial expert consultation, although it is not recommended as most likely the offshore company won't in this way perform for a proper purpose.

If you are considering establishing an offshore company in a tax haven for the purpose of tax optimization and reduce the tax burden, read the article For whom the offshore company is not suitable.

Additional offshore services:

Nominee services

Nominee services are provided mainly to provide the owner with anonymity and privacy. The principle of nominee services is to appoint credible, respectable and trusted persons into the statutory and supervisory bodies.

Bank accounts

Offshore bank accounts are usually open due to discrete saving money and also for the purpose of transferring funds and their investment in the local community.

Management of the offshore company

We will manage each of the offshore companies set up with our assistance according to your instructions.

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