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Bank accounts

Would you like to learn more about offshore bank accounts? Offshore bank accounts are accounts opened and maintained in offshore banks, i.e. banks operating in tax havens.

Each offshore company should naturally have an offshore bank account in a relevant  offshore bank. However, a natural person may also want to have an offshore account. Our experts will be happy to assist you with the set up of a personal or corporate offshore bank account.

Offshore bank accounts are usually opened for discreet deposit of money and also for the purpose of transferring funds and their investment in offshore companies. Offshore bank accounts guarantee quick access to deposited funds. Funds deposited in an offshore account are protected against changes in the tax system in your country.

We recommend our clients only those banks that have demonstrated long-term financial stability, high quality and range of services offered and demand reasonable fees for their services.

An offshore account can opened by both natural and legal persons. The offshore account is not limited in the number of transactions and has no restrictions on the minimum balance. Offshore bank accounts are simple and easy to use.

Bank transfers can be made through

  • checkbooks
  • credit cards (even anonymous without the holder's name)
  • fax (telephone confirmation)
  • phone
  • Internet banking

Our company will assist you in opening offshore accounts in offshore banks.