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Offshore company management

Offshore companies that we establish for you, will be also managed for you by our company in the coming years. The service of offshore company management in the following years is a mandatory service following the establishment of offshore companies.

We will manage the offshore company that we have established for you in one of the tax havens in accordance with your instructions. All the components for the administration of your offshore company shall be in detail specified in the management contract, on the basis of  which the administration proceeds.

The management of offshore companies is charged according to the price list of our offshore services. The prices listed in the price list are completely transparent.

Offshore company management includes the following annual activities:

  • Payments for an offshore company registration agent (a registration agent is appointed by the company, acts in its interest, whose primary duty usually is to secure a registered office, obtain legal documents of incorporation and act as a contact person with state authorities.)
  • Payments for the virtual office of an offshore company (address under which the offshore company is registered in the Commercial Register)
  • Financial statements and annual report (only required in certain offshore destinations)
  • lump-sum payment of taxes

Any related offshore services are chargeable separately.