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Nominee services

What is a nominee service? Nominee services are services that fall within the category of services related to privacy, providing anonymity of company property.

If an owner of a company needs to conceal his identity for whatever reason, he can establish his business in one of the tax havens where information on business owners is not publicly available. However, if for example, due to the necessity of submitting an offshore company statement to a Registry court, the owner needs to disclose those that are in the bodies of an offshore company, we can protect his privacy by providing a nominee service.

The essence of nominee services is the appointment of trustworthy, respectable and trusted persons in the statutory and supervisory bodies. It is also possible to use nominee services for shareholders (offshore company owners).

List of positions

  • Nominee director
  • Nominee shareholder
  • Nominee member of the Supervisory Board
  • Nominee secretary

Nominee services are provided by the relevant registration agent in the given tax haven, who is also fully responsible for all activities of the appointed nominee persons for the functions listed above. It is always in the interest of the registration agent to select absolutely reliable and proven individuals for these positions.

A contractual relationship is concluded between the beneficial (real) owner of the offshore company and the appointed persons. Every step performed by the nominee person is executed only on the instruction of the beneficial owner of the company.

Negotiation on behalf of the company

When using nominee services, it is always natural to issue a power of attorney (bearing an Apostille) to a person designated by the client. It is recommended to issue a power of attorney in the name of a lawyer who is required by law to maintain confidentiality. 

It is also possible to use the services of signing the necessary documents directly by nominee persons, most often by the nominee director, who formally acts on behalf of the company.