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Ready made company

A Ready-made company is a shelf company that has been incorporated, has a fully paid up share capital, has been assigned a unique company identification number and can therefore start business immediately.

We offer the following types of ready made ​​companies

  • Ready made s. r. o. (LLC)
  • Ready made a. s. (joint stock company)
  • Ready made ​​SE (European company)

Main advantages of ready made ​​companies

  • You can start running your business immediately upon assignment of a LLC company to you because the company is already registered in the Companies Register, having its ID, including even a Trade Licence
  • The registered capital has already been paid by us and will be assigned to the treasury of a LLC company in terms of bookkeeping
  • You can purchase an older company to increase your business image
  • Organization of the General Meeting or the sole shareholder decision to transfer the company
  • Providing of all documents, statements and verification of signatures
  • Proposal for change in the Trade Register and guarantee of these changes, including the court fee stamp
  • VAT registration
  • Registration to other taxes
  • Establishment of a corporate bank account for free
  • Obtaining trade licenses within free trades 

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