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Companies with higher capital

The minimum statutory amount of share capital is, as is generally known, CZK 1 in the case of the limited liability company (s.r.o.) and CZK 2,000,000 at the joint-stock company (a.s.) At, however, there are also available ready made companies with higher share capital.

The advantage of a ready made company is, of course, above all the fact that by purchasing it, the entrepreneur acquires the right to start acting for this company immediately. The undeniable advantage of a company with higher share capital is the possibility to provide your business with high prestige and a perfect corporate image. The process of increasing the share capital of a limited liability company or joint stock company, however, is a demanding process, which in some cases may take several months.

Therefore, if you also need to start acting quickly for your new limited liability company or joint stock company and you require it to have a share capital higher than required by law, do not hesitate to use the services of our company and buy a new ready made company from us with share capital up to CZK 10 million.

Advantages of ready made companies with higher share capital:

  • higher prestige and credibility of your new company
  • perfect corporate IMAGE
  • better position for negotiations with business partners or banks
  • the company is immediately available to you, instead of the lengthy establishment or increase of the share capital

From, you can buy ready made joint-stock companies with increased share capital in the following values:

Amount of the share capital

Price of the ready made joint stock company

CZK 5,000,000

CZK 74,900


CZK 99,900

CZK 20,000,000

CZK 189,900

CZK 30,000,000

CZK 249,000


We also offer the ready made limited liability companies with increased share capital  in the amount of:

Amount of the share capital

Price of the ready made limited liability company

CZK 200,000

according to the price of standard ready made limited liability companies

CZK 500,000

CZK 19,900

CZK 1,000,000

CZK 24,900

CZK 2,000,000

CZK 34,900

CZK 5,000,000

CZK 44,900

CZK 10,000,000

CZK 69,900

For all ready made companies, we guarantee by law their 100% indebtedness and the possibility to start a business immediately. The share capital of all companies is 100% paid up.

As in the case of companies with a standard share capital, the price of companies includes all court and notary fees, registration of all branches of free trade and registration of the company for income tax.

Prices do not include VAT.

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