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Ready made a.s.

Ready made stock company is a joint-stock company that was established only for the purpose of its sale to the end customer. It is registered in the Commercial Register, has its own company identification number, its name and its registered headquarters. Ready made JSC has a fully paid up share capital of the joint-stock company of 2,000,000 CZK. Ready made JSC has no trading history and has no debts or liabilities, therefore it's 100 % guaranteed of indebtedness. Ready made JSC for sale have obtained a licence for free trades, doing business under the business name is therefore possible on the same day, when the transfer to the new owner occured.

On demand, the change of company name or change of the registered office can be made together with the transfer of the ready made joint stock company to the new owner. When choosing a new company name, it is recommended to research whether the same or interchangeable name was not used by another company registered in the Commercial Register.

Possibility of change of registered seat to another address, if required, shall be supported by the consent of the property owner with the location of the registered office and the extract from Land Register not older than three months (these documents are prepared by our company). Registered seat can of course be left at one of our virtual offices at a bargain price.

Price of ready made stock company includes:

  • layout and organization of the General Meeting and election of new members of the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board of
  • verification of required documents and signatures on all documents and papers
  • court fee for entry of changes related to the sale of a JSC in the commercial register
  • settlement of free trades
  • a change of residence within Prague
  • guarantee of entry in the Commercial Register
  • excerpts from the criminal records of the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board
  • transfer of securities of the company
  • extract from the Trade Register and the Land Register
  • registration for income tax

Starting June 27, 2013 there was a change of the Commercial Code concerning anonymous bearer share certificates, namely by the entry into force of the Act on certain measures to increase the transparency of public limited companies. From that date, a joint stock company established after this date can not issue bearer shares in certificated form, thus ending the anonymity of owners of these shares (shareholders).

If you still want to benefit from the anonymity of the shares in joint stock companies, we recommend you to use our offshore services.

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