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Purchase - buyout of the company

If an entrepreneur does not need his company for his further business and decides to sell it, he has a unique opportunity to offer this company to our consulting company Our company buys unnecessary and unused established firms or companies with a history or mediates the sale of such companies to another interested party.

Buying a business is a process that is affected by a number of factors. The most important of them is the day of its creation, ie registration in the Commercial Register, previous accounting turnovers and further fulfilment of the conditions that we require for all acquired companies.

Conditions for the purchase of companies

  • The company is completely without liabilities and any debts
  • The company has properly kept accounts for the entire period of its existence and duly submitted tax returns and reports on health and social insurance
  • The statutory body of the company is completely innocent

The safety of the entire business transaction, which is the purchase of the company, must be guaranteed by the seller by submitting important documents, including:

  • Confirmation of the company's indebtedness from the tax office
  • Confirmation of the company's indebtedness from the social security administration
  • Confirmation of the company's indebtedness from the health insurance company
  • Extract from the criminal record of the statutory body (executive / member of the board of directors)

We will offer a purchase price for this company to a client who offers us his company for purchase and our company verifies on the basis of the above-mentioned documents that his company has no obligations. This price is always determined individually and depends mainly on the date of incorporation of the company and the condition of its founding and other documents.

As a standard, we offer price from CZK 20,000 for the purchase of a company of a VAT payer and price from CZK 5,000 for the purchase of a VAT non-paying company.

In addition to the price for the company, we also pay all costs associated with the transfer of the company and registration of changes in the Commercial Register - typically the costs of notarial registration, extracts, verification of signatures, transcripts and stamps for registration in the Commercial Register.

If your company meets the above requirements, do not hesitate and order a company repurchase service.

However, if the entrepreneur no longer intends to use his company, but does not want to sell it and give it a new life, he can also contact us with a request for professional liquidation.

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