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Establishing a limited liability company (LLC)

The establishment of a limited liability company - Ltd., LLC - in the Czech Republic is nowadays a quite complicated and time-consuming administrative procedure which can even take up to two months. If a starting entrepreneur does not have enough experience in dealing with the authorities or does not want to go into setting up a company himself, he has a unique opportunity to order the service of setting up his LLC at our company and thus have his company founded within 8 working days.

Our company is always ready to provide you full assistance in setting up a company according to your specific requirements and we guarantee you the registration of your company into the Commercial Register.

In the context of assistance in setting up a company, we primarily focus on flawless and professional preparation of the necessary documentation and ensuring the writing of your company's incorporation in the shortest possible period of time.

What you need to think about before the foundation of the company

Company name of the limited liability company

The company name of your limited liability company may not be identical or interchangeable with the name of another existing company. The existence of the intended company name can be verified in the Commercial Register at Ideally, your company name should reflect the activity of your company or be something interesting, memorable, etc. Please note that the name of your company is a part of the impression you make on your clients, this is the first thing your clients notice.

Registered office of a limited liability company

Registered office of a limited liability company is another important component to its reputation. We recommend to place the Ltd. to a big city, it will increase the prestige of your company and at the same time you have a chance of much lower probability of financial controls than in a smaller city. We definitely do not recommend leaving your company's registered office at your own address, it is inconvenient for your family and does not look professional.

Price for the establishment of a limited liability company includes:

  • obtaining and completing all documents and forms
  • memorandum and articles of association in the form of a notarial deed
  • verification of the signatures of founder on all documents
  • criminal record of executives required for formation of the Ltd.
  • extract from the land registry for the company's registered address
  • extract from the Trade Register for the new company
  • notification of trade licenses covered by the free trades
  • registration for VAT or other taxes
  • stamp duty and legal fees for an application for registration of the new company in Commercial  Register
  • 100 % certainty of listing the tailor-made Ltd. to the in Commercial Register


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