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Establishing joint stock companies

Establishing a joint stock companies in the Czech Republic is a time consuming administrative process which usually entrepreneurs do not do themselves, but they turn to professional consulting firms.

When establishing a turn-key joint stock company, you need to deposit a share capital of at least CZK 2.000.000 (or 30 % of this amount) into the bank account of your start-up JSC.

The joint stock company is established mostly due to the need to separate its owners from its management, i.e. the separation of the shareholders and the board of directors.

Before you order our service, we provide you with a professional consultation in which you receive all relevant information necessary for an informed decision about the exact structure of your new company. We advise you how to choose the correct company name and location for your new company, and we also offer a related service of providing a virtual office.

A license to do business in the given area arises only after the annoucement of the relevant trade at the Trade Licensing Office. 

The price for the joint stock company includes:

  • obtaining and completing all necessary documents and forms required for the creation of a joint stock company
  • notarial deed / Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association 
  • verification of signatures of founder
  • extract from the Criminal Register of Directors and the Supervisory Board
  • extract from the land registry for the registered office of the JSC
  • extract from the Trade Register
  • notification of trade licenses covered by the free trades for new JSC
  • stamp duty and legal fees for an application for registration of the company into OR
  • 100 % certainty registration of the JSC to the OR

From the date of 27 June 2013 there was a change of the Commercial Code concerning anonymous bearer share certificates, namely by the entry into force of the Act on certain measures to increase the transparency of public JSC. As of this date, the newly established joint-stock company can not issue bearer shares in certificated form, thus ending the anonymity of owners of these shares (equity shareholders of the Company).

To take advantage of the anonymity of shares of a newly established JSC, we recommend you to use our offshore company foundation services.

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