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Virtual office Kladno

Žižkova 346, 273 09 Kladno - Švermov

Selecting an appropriate address for the company registered seat is very important for every entrepreneur. For entrepreneurs focused primarily on clients from the Central Bohemia region, it is undoubtedly very convenient if he chooses for his business the virtual office in Kladno.

Our registered address in Kladno is located in a very nice area. For a nice price it can improve the image especially of those entrepreneurs whose partners or clients are from the Central Czech Region.

The cost of the service includes:

  • name of company and identification number of the client on the property or in its premises in accordance with the law
  • mail box
  • receipt and storage of mail received at headquarters
  • informing clients about post delivered to headquarters via e-mail
  • the possibility of retrieving mail

Price list:

When paying for

4 years

3 years

2 years

1 year

6 months



299 CZK/month

349 CZK/month

449 CZK/month


* Prices for the service of providing company virtual office are listed excluding VAT

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Competent authorities:

Tax Office for Kladno
Leoše Janáčka 3181

272 80 Kladno

Telefon: 312 609 111

Fax: 312 249 314


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