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Virtual office Liberec

Address of the virtual office:

Ještědská 56/109
460 08 Liberec

from CZK 349/month

The price of the service of providing a virtual office at the address in Liberec includes:

  • the property labeled with the company name and identification number of the client
  • mailbox with label of your company
  • receipt and storage of your postal items
  • e-mail allert on received postal items
  • optional pick up of postal items

Related services provided for additional fee at registered office in Liberec:

  • mail forwarding to your chosen address in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • scanning of mail and its e-mailing to the client

Prices of the virtual office in Liberec

The service of providing registered office in Liberec is charged on the basis of a clear and definitive price list. The monthly price of the company's registered office shall be free of any additional charges.

Subscription period

*4 years

*3 years

*2 years

*1 year

*6 years

(payable in advance)


CZK 349/month

CZK 399/month

CZK 499/month



* Prices providing a registered office in Hradec Králové are exclusive of VAT

Local authorities:

Financial Office for Liberecký kraj - Územní pracoviště v Liberci

Address: 1. máje 97, 460 02 Liberec
Phone: 485 211 111