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Virtual office Ostrava

Klínová 620/1, 709 00 Ostrava, Hulváky

Krakovská 1085/4, 700 30 Ostrava-jih-Hrabůvka

Entrepreneurs oriented primarily on the clientele from North Moravian region, who are interested in reducing costs for renting an office, who want to have a professional corporate image or have short-term business plan project, have the unique chance to choose one of our  virtual offices in Ostrava.

A registered seat offered in Ostrava is especially useful for businessmen from northern Moravia, who understand the necessity to establish their company at a credible address. Company headquarters in the regional capital city offers similar advantages as our Prague headquarters.

The cost of the service includes:

  • designation of the headquarters of the property or in their premises in accordance with the law
  • receiving and storing mail
  • informing the client about post delivered to headquarters

Price list:


4 years

3 years

2 years

1 year

Klínová 620/1

 299 CZK/month

389 CZK/month 

439 CZK/month

499 CZK/month

Krakovská 1085/4

  99 CZK/month  119 CZK/month   169 CZK/month   299 CZK/month 

* Prices for the service of providing company virtual office are listed excluding VAT

Competent authorities:

Tax Office for the Region

Territorial Department Ostrava 3

Opavská 6177

708 13 Ostrava-Poruba


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