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Virtual office Plzeň (Pilsen)

Address of the virtual office:

Budilova 161/15
301 00 Plzeň - Jižní Předměstí

From 199 CZK


The price for the service of virtual office in Pilsen includes:

  • designation of the building by a customer identification number
  • mailbox to receive regular correspondence
  • receiving and safekeeping of correspondence
  • notification e-mails on received correspondence
  • the possibility of picking up the mail in our office

For additional fee, it is possible to order the following services:

  • mail forwarding to your chosen address in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • scanning of received correspondence and e-mailing to the client's address
  • short-term rental of offices and meeting and conference rooms
  • receiving phone messages and service of operators


Registered office in Pilsen is charged on the basis of a clear and definitive price list. The monthly cost of the company's headquarters shall be free of any additional fees, you always pay only for the service of providing the registered office at the above address in Pilsen. 

Subscription period

*4 years

*3 years

*2 years

*1 year

*6 years


 199 CZK/month

249 CZK/month

299 CZK/month

399 CZK/month


* Prices for the service of providing company virtual office are listed excluding VAT


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Competent authorities:

Financial Office for Pilsen

nám. Českých bratří 2490/8, 306 16 Plzeň

Phone: 377 192 111

Fax: 377 447 611


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