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Virtual office Prague 10

Virtual office in Prague 10:

Donatellova 2003/6, 100 00 Prague 10 - Strašnice

Services provided at the virtual headquarters Prague 10

In the virtual headquarters in Prague 10, following additional services are provided. These additional services are either provided free of charge within the fee for the service of providing company virtual office or are charged separately.

The cost of the service includes:

  • the property labeled with the name and identification number of the client
  • mailbox with label of your company
  • receipt and storage of your postal items
  • e-mail allert on received postal items
  • optional pick up of postal items

Pricing of providing a registered office in Prague 10

The service of providing company virtual office in Prague 10 is charged on the basis of a clear and definitive price list. No additional fees are charged, you always pay only for the service of providing the registered office at our address.

When paying for

* 4 years

* 3 years

* 2 years

* 1 year

* 6 months


199 CZK/month

249 CZK/month

299 CZK/month

399 CZK/month


* Prices for the service of providing company virtual office in Prague 10 are listed excluding VAT



Competent authorities:

Financial Office for Prague 10

Petrohradská 6

101 00 Praha 10

Telefon: 267 271 111

Fax: 267 273 098


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