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Prices of accounting services

Prices for accounting and tax records are set individually depending on the specific requirements of the client.

Below are examples of standard lump sum payments, which can be combined.

Our company enters with each client into a professional contract in which we guarantee prices for the services.

The prices of flat-rate accounting and tax records


Minimum monthly flat rate for processing tax records
(The price includes the first 30 entries of the accounting journal)
1 000 CZK
  • Every other entry
15 CZK
Minimum monthly flat rate for double-entry bookkeeping
(The price includes the first 30 entries of the accounting journal)
1 500 CZK
  • Every other entry
30 CZK
One-time accounting processing
(includes the first 50 entries of the accounting journal)
from 2 000 CZK
  • Every other entry
25 CZK

* Exact lump sum for bookkeeping is always determined individually taking into account the requirements of a particular client, the above rates are defined as the optimum monthly fee for the service

The prices of accounting operations beyond the flat rate




Personal income tax return
(only income from dependent activity - employees)
500 CZK
Personal income tax return
- for self-employed - including overviews of social and health insurance from 2000 CZK
- without reports on health and social insurance from 1500 CZK
Preparation of financial statements
(includes balance sheep, profit and loss account
from 2000 CZK
Corporate income tax return  from 2000 CZK
Value Added Tax Return and VAT Control Statement 800 CZK
Additional Value Added Tax Return and VAT Control Statement 400 CZK
Summary report
(for each individual administration)
300 CZK
Road tax return 
(up to 3 vehicles)
500 CZK
- each other vehicle 100 CZK
Real estate tax return from 1500 CZK
Tax clearance of personal income tax from dependent activity 500 CZK
Tax clearance of withholding tax  300 CZK


Tax registration
(income tax registration, road tax registration, tax from depend aktivity registration, withholding tax registration)
or change of registration data
400 CZK
VAT registration
(obligatory registration - when the turnover exceeds 1 million CZK in the last 12 months)
from 2000 CZK
VAT registration
(voluntary registration)
from 3500 CZK
CSSA registration (Czech Social Security Administration) 200 CZK
Healthcare insurance registration 200 CZK

Payroll or Personnel Accounting

Employee payroll processing
(one employee per month)
300 CZK
- pouze 1 zaměstnanec za měsíc 500 CZK
Employee payroll processing – The employment agreement
(only one employee per month)
150 CZK
Execution of the employee
- za každou jednotlivou exekuci
100 CZK
Start a new employee
(CSSA application, healthcare insurance application)
350 CZK


Representation in offices
(Tax Office, health insurance, CSSA)
600 CZK per hour
Accounting advice 600 CZK per hour
Writing an application 400 CZK
Consultation  850 CZK per hour

Prices do not include VAT.

If you are interested in information regarding our accounting services, do not hesitate to contact us anytime, we will answer all your questions or we can arrange for you a tentative professional financial consultation  for free!

If you miss pricing of any financial service, do not hesitate to contact us. Likewise, if you want to be informed on the special offers or discounts in accounting services.