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Prices of Czech companies

Prices for the establishment of a company and prices of a ready-made company are based on a  transparent price list.

The prices don't have any hidden fees and you can be sure that there will be no unexpected increases in the prices of our services.

Company establishment

Establishment of s.r.o.

 5.900, - CZK plus VAT

Establishment of OJSC

39.900. - CZK plus VAT


Ready made ​​companies

Ready made s.r.o. (capital 100 CZK)

9.900. - CZK plus VAT

(without virtual office - 11.900,- CZK plus VAT)

Ready made s.r.o. (capital 200.000 CZK)

11.900. - CZK plus VAT

(without virtual office - 13.900,- CZK plus VAT)

Ready made OJSC

49.900. - CZK plus VAT

Ready made SE

49.900. - CZK plus VAT

* When buying ready made companies s.r.o. and use of our service of registered offices you get a discount from the company price of CZK 2,000 (see above).

The cost of setting up a company and transfer of a ready made ​​include

  • expenditures on establishment - Notary fees, court fees
  • copies of all documents necessary for incorporation
  • costs associated with verification of documents and signatures
  • copies of criminal records, the Land Registry and Companies Register
  • announcement of free trades for ready made companies

Additional services

announcement of free trades when set up a s.r.o. 2.000,- CZK
company registration for VAT 5.000,- CZK
registration to other taxes 500,- CZK
hardcover / trade crafts from 1.500,- CZK
concession from 1.500,- CZK
accounting  from 1.500 CZK,- month

 Prices of additional services excluding VAT.