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Belize is a small state on the eastern coast of Central America. In the
northwest borders with Mexico and to the west and south with Guatemala.

Capital: Belmopan
Official language: English, Spanish
Currency: Belizean dollar (BZD) divided into 100 cents. Belize dollar is
fixed to the U.S. dollar 2 BZD / USD

Business in Belize - advantages of Belize jurisdiction

Belize is a relatively new and therefore less-known tax haven. Unlike other tax havens Belize offers an even higher degree of anonymity of property. Belize companies are easily accepted by Czech registration courts as the holding company of Czech companies. General Meeting of Shareholders can be made anywhere in the world. For companies based in Belize there is the possibility of using nominee services (nominee director and shareholder).

The legal form of the company

International Business Company – IBC
The company is headquartered obligation to Belize


Anglo-American legal system
The International Companies Act: IBC Revised Act, 2000

Time needed for company formation

Usually within 1 day provided that necessary documents are submitted in time, document delivery in two weeks.


Minimum number: 1
A natural or legal person, may be non-resident


Minimum number: 1
A natural or legal person, may be non-resident
Note: to acheve higher level of anonymity, local agent is suitable

Share capital

There is no minimum amount

Bearer shares (bearer)

Allowed (must be deposited with an authorized intermediary, such as a registration agent)


IBCs are exempt from all taxes in business activities and management of the company held outside the state. IBC is then formally considered non-tax resident, does not have a VAT number, nor shareholder is subject to tax. The company only pays an annual fee.
Tax return not required.


The financial statements are not required



Anonymity and confidentiality

Index of companies not publicly accessible, the names of shareholders and directors are known only to the registration agent


The most common use of Belize

  • Holding (parent company) to another company for purposes of property privacy
  • Direct sale of goods or services where it is not necessary to use a system of agreements to avoid double taxation and no risk of withholding taxes
  • Often used for the registration of ships, mainly because of the low fees and mild requirements on ship owners
  • Belize offers under the Belize Economic Citizenship Program possibility of obtaining Belize citizenship for persons for whom it is expected that they will help develop the local economy.
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