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Dominica - official name Commonwealth of Dominica - is a former British colony, now a small republic located on an island in the southern Caribbean.

Capital: Roseau
Official languages: English, French patois
Currency: East Caribbean dollar ECS 2,70/1 USD

Business in Dominica - the benefits of local jurisdiction

The main advantage of setting up companies in Dominica is the fact that Dominica is not a well-known offshore destination as compared with other tax havens. In addition, there is a very high degree of anonymity of beneficial owners of the offshore company.

Czech registration courts easily accept the documents of the state of Dominica and local IBC may acquire shares of companies in the Czech Republic.

Dominica offers the possibility of using nominee services (nominee director and shareholder).

Legal form of the company

International Business Company – IBC
The company is obliged to have a registered office in Dominica


The International Business Companies Act 1996 as amended

Time needed for company formation

Usually within 1 day provided timely delivery of necessary documents, document delivery within 2 weeks.


Minimum number: 1
A natural or legal person, may be non-resident


Minimum number: 1
A natural or legal person, may be non-resident
Note : the higher the level of anonymity suitable local nominee secretary

Share capital

Minimum $ 100

Bearer shares



IBC is exempt from all taxes for at least 20 years, tax return is not required





Anonymity and confidentiality

Index of companies not publicly accessible
, the names of shareholders and directors are known only to the registration agent

The most common use of the company in Dominica

  • holding (parent company) to another company for the purpose of anonymity of property
  • direct sale of goods or services where it is not necessary to use the system of treaties on avoidance of double taxation and where is no risk of withholding taxes
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