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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (United Kingdom) is an island country adjacent to the northwest of continental Europe. It includes the island of Great Britain, the northeastern part of the island of Ireland, where it borders with the Republic of Ireland, and many smaller islands. 

Capital: London
Official language: English
Currency: British Pound Sterling - GBP

Business in the UK - the benefits of British jurisdiction

The UK is considered a tax haven because of the possibility of trade with former colonies, in which there is zero income tax. Regarding confidentiality, the register of companies is open to  public, but privacy can be achieved for example by an appropriate corporate structure. The advantage is the agreement on the avoidance of double taxation between Great Britain and the Czech Republic concluded in 1992.

The legal form of the company

Private Company Limited by Shares (Ltd.)
Companies have an obligation Headquartered in the UK


English common law (Common Law)  
The Companies Act 1985

Time needed for company formation

Usually within 1-3 days if all documents are submitted on time, delivery of documents in three weeks.


Minimum number: 1, natural or legal person, may be non- resident


Minimum number: 1, natural or legal person, may be non-resident, the secretary is not mandatory, but it is possible

Share capital

The minimum amount is not determined

Bearer shares (bearer)



The tax rate on corporate income tax: 21% - 28%
Withholding tax: dividends are not subject to withholding tax
Mandatory registration for VAT
a) if the taxable turnover exceeds the performance limit of £ 73,000 in the previous twelve months, or
b) if there are objective reasons to believe that in the next 30 days, taxable turnover exceeds the limit performance.
Registration with a turnover of less than £ 73,000 is voluntary.
The standard rate of VAT in the UK is from 1 April 2011 20%.
The Czech Republic entered into an agreement for the avoidance of double taxation


Bookkeeping is required. Obligation to submit annual accounts, balance sheets at the end of the financial year and the profit and loss statement to the British tax office, if necessary the above mentioned reports shall be annotated by auditor registered in the UK.


Optional when the following criteria are met: turnover of less than £ 5.6 M, assets of less than £ 2.8m

Anonymity and confidentiality

Registry of Companies is a publicly accessible

The most common use of British society

  • Holding (parent company) to another company for purposes of property privacy and with regard to the high prestige
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