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United States of America (United States of America, USA) is a federal presidential republic in North America, extending from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. The United States is composed of 50 States, and one Federal District - Washington, D.C., and other areas, such as theisland territories.

The most common states in the U.S. for offshore company incorporation

  • Wyoming
  • Dellaware
  • Oregon

USA are very discreet offshore countries that can provide a degree of anonymity and are used especially for holding purposes.

Jurisdictions of some U.S. states regarding LLC company offers almost the same options as the rules of standard offshore countries.

Capital: Washington, D.C.
Official language: English, south-west widely used Spanish
Currency: USD

Business in the USA - the benefits of North American jurisdictions

The biggest advantage of the American company is its reputation which is usually better compared to the reputation of offshore companies registered in standard tax havens. It is, however, difficult to open a banking account at an American bank, but with regard to the reputation of the U.S., it is not a problem to open an account with Czech or European banks.

The legal form of the company

Limited Liability Company – LLC
Companies LLC are required to maintain statutory seat in selected U.S. states and have also a registration agent


Federal and state legislation based on English common law
The International Companies Act:
International Revenue Code, 1986, as amended

Time needed for company formation

Different in individual states, if all documents are submitted on time, usually in the range of 3-10 days, the delivery of documents to 10 days to 2 weeks.


Minimum number: 1, natural or legal person, may be non-resident


Minimum number: 1, natural or legal person, may be non-resident

Share capital

There is no minimum amount may be as 1 USD

Bearer shares (bearer)



The LLC) is not taxed by the U.S., but its income is passed through to its owners. If the LLC company is owned by non-residents of the U.S., its income comes from outside the USA, the LLC will not be subject to tax in the USA and will not have US income tax return requirements.


The financial statements do not feed


Not required

Anonymity and confidentiality

Registers of companies are partially public

The most common use by the U.S. LLC

  • Holding (parent company) to another company for purposes of property privacy and with regard to the high prestige


  • Due to withholding taxes and bank account reporting requirements, they are not suitable for direct sale of goods or services
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