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Change in the Commercial Register

Almost every company will undergo changes during its existence, which must be registered in the Commercial Register.

The Commercial Register is a public list maintained by the registration courts (regional courts and the Municipal Court in Prague), in which data on commercial companies stipulated by law are entered. The purpose of the Commercial Register is to keep a permanent record of the necessary data on companies and to ensure that these data are in accordance with the objective reality, therefore the registration courts are obliged to publish registered, changed or deleted data without undue delay.

Similarly, the companies are obliged to deliver a proposal for the registration of changes to the data entered without undue delay after a specific change occurs.

A change in the Commercial Register is necessary in the following cases:

  • Change of registered office for an existing company registered already in the Commercial Register
  • Change of the registered office of the purchased ready-made company, ie its transfer to a new owner and within that also change of the company address
  • Change of executive - member of the board of directors or member of the supervisory board of the company
  • Change in the amount of share capital of the company
  • Change of name under which the company is registered in the Commercial Register
  • Convening and arranging a General Meeting, or drawing up the decision of the sole partner / shareholder
  • Minutes of the General Meeting / or draft wording of the decision of the sole shareholder or statutory body
  • Preparation of all documents necessary for the change in the Commercial Register
  • Preparation and submission of a proposal for registration of changes in the Commercial Register
  • Preparation of the full text by amending the founding document in question, including its inclusion in the collection of documents

Changes in the OR include:

The professional service provided by our company will arrange for you all the administrative necessities that are required by law to make a change in the Commercial Register. We will arrange a change in the Commercial Register for you on the basis of a power of attorney and it is also possible to make it remotely.

Prices of changes in the company

  1. Change without the need for a notarial deed - from CZK 3,900 without VAT, - CZK depending on the complexity of the change
  2. Change with the need for notarial registration - from CZK 9,900 without VAT, - CZK according to the complexity of the change

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